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Report on the HELP Committee Hearing on Vaccines


Note: This week’s newsletter is an eye-witness report from Federal Relations Liaison Maggie McKneely. Here’s Maggie: The well-publicized measles outbreaks In Washington, New York, and Texas have inflamed the debate over vaccines. In recent months, we’ve seen a number of states introduce legislation that would either partially or entirely remove vaccine exemptions. California Congressman Adam…

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Legislative Update: Parental Rights Around the Country

Families oppose SF1520 in Minnesota

Our Resolutionary Campaign is in full force, currently pursuing passage of Parental Rights Amendment Resolutions in six states. In addition, more than a dozen battles are looming in other states, most over bills that would threaten everything from vaccine exemptions to the privacy of your own home. There’s a lot to cover, so I’ll dive…

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Great News!!

Dear Champion of Parental Rights – I received word Wednesday night that the Oklahoma State Senate passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 1 (SCR 1), which calls for the US Congress to support the Parental Rights Amendment! On Thursday the resolution moved to the Oklahoma State House of Representatives. I will keep you posted on its progress,…

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Legislative Session Off to a Good Start!

Dear Champion of Parental Rights – We can’t rest now. With the achievement of two major goals, this legislative session is off to a great start. But our work is only just beginning. The Resolutionary Campaign we revealed last August called for the Parental Rights Amendment (PRA) to be introduced early in this Congress, and…

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Bipartisan Coalition Letter to Protect Parental Rights

Dear Champion of Parental Rights, This morning United Family Advocates, the bipartisan coalition with whom we are working on family law reforms, put our finishing touches on a letter to Congress outlining things we hope to add and to avoid in the upcoming re-authorization of the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA). The 16-page…

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Parental Rights Amendment Introduced Today!

Dear Champion of Parental Rights, Rep. Jim Banks (IN-3) is introducing the Parental Rights Amendment in the U.S. House today, joined by fifteen cosponsors. Maggie McKneely is’s federal relations liaison on Capitol Hill. “Despite the negative, partisan atmosphere in DC right now,” Maggie reports, “the Parental Rights Amendment has garnered a lot of positive…

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Mandatory Home Visits Coming to Oregon?

Dear Champion of Parental Rights, Are the headlines true? Are universal mandatory home visits coming to Oregon in the near future? At first read, it appears Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s latest budget proposal would introduce over the next six years a program of mandatory in-home visits for every family with a newborn child. Not just…

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Parental Rights To Be Addressed in State Legislatures

Dear Champion of Parental Rights, State legislatures all over the country reconvened this week (or last), and in some of them the issue of parental rights is, if not front and center, at least high on the agenda. Sadly, in recent years many states have taken up bills that would further erode parental rights, such…

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We Have A Sponsor for Parental Rights Amendment!

We Have A Sponsor

Dear Champion of Parental Rights, It’s time! Today is the day to call Congress in preparation for the introduction of the Parental Rights Amendment (PRA) in the U.S. House. Last month we met with Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), and he agreed wholeheartedly to become the lead sponsor of the Parental Rights Amendment in this new…

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