The Current State of Parental Rights

The erosion of parental rights may shock you.

Check out these short summaries of the status of parental rights in various areas, along with a sampling of cases where parental rights have been violated. They illustrate a shocking, growing tendency to undermine parental rights and assume someone other than the parent knows best.

Parental Rights in Medical Settings

More and more parents are afraid to even take their child to the emergency room, lest one wrong answer lead to the removal of their child and the loss of their parental rights. Despite legislative gains in some states, most judges still rubber-stamp intrusive investigations into homes where no evidence exists of abuse or neglect, just because one medical professional disagrees with the judgment of fit parents (and, often, other medical professionals!). And states continue to pass laws restricting the right of informed parents to make vaccination and mental health decisions for their children.

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Parental Rights and Education

Laws in a majority of states limit or entirely deny to parents any “right” to be present on school grounds where their child is in attendance. Some parents who have chosen alternative educational options are finding their legal rights questioned. The area of education sees the tension between parents and a group of professional elitists who believe they can better make decisions for all children.

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Parental Rights and Agency Workers

Every state authorizes certain personnel – doctors, police, child services investigators (the list varies by state) – to remove your children from your care without a warrant, a court order, or any proof of abuse or neglect. Though many cases are overturned for those who can afford to appeal, such an atmosphere in the lower courts sees abuses getting worse every year.

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Parental Rights and Child Welfare

Parents are losing custody without cause in far too many cases – and often losing their permanent parental rights, as well. Yet the lack of a sound legal standard leaves the door open for judges and child services investigators to continue the system as it is. The system is failing children, failing families, and failing our country as a whole.

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