Parents Across the Nation Are on the March

Our team has been working nonstop with our volunteers across the nation in these first few days of 2022. Already, the hard work we all have been doing for the past months to advance parental rights is paying off!  Here’s a quick summary of where we are: Fundamental Parental Rights Statute Introduced in Pennsylvania. We’re…

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Gearing Up for 2021

We knew there would be challenges ahead of us with the start of the 2021 legislative season this week. We were preparing for them. But crunch time is no longer coming; crunch time is here. In preparation for the new COVID vaccines DC passed a law on December 23 that puts 11-year-olds in the position…

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NBC – Houston Chronicle Partnership Shines Light on Parental Rights

We’ve said it for months: If more people knew what innocent families suffer in the name of “child protection,” they would join us in doing something about it. Now NBC News and the Houston Chronicle are shining a light on that very thing. In what has so far been a three-part series, the two news…

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Life or Death: Yet Another Charlie Gard?

The hospitals of Britain are at it again. The “medical experts” have deduced that somehow “death” is actually in the best interests of Tafida Raqeeb, just as they decided for Alfie Evans in 2016 and Charlie Gard in 2017. That’s like a car salesman telling you to just walk. Everywhere. It’s like a kindergarten teacher…

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Legislative Update and a Big Surprise

Oklahoma House Chamber

This legislative season has been something of a mixed bag, with some victories, some disappointments, some challenges, and one particular story that took us by surprise. Some Victories In Oklahoma, the Parental Rights Amendment (PRA) resolution, SCR 1, passed the House of Representatives by unanimous consent on April 3, making Oklahoma the seventh state to…

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Report on the HELP Committee Hearing on Vaccines


Note: This week’s newsletter is an eye-witness report from Federal Relations Liaison Maggie McKneely. Here’s Maggie: The well-publicized measles outbreaks In Washington, New York, and Texas have inflamed the debate over vaccines. In recent months, we’ve seen a number of states introduce legislation that would either partially or entirely remove vaccine exemptions. California Congressman Adam…

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We Are Changing the Culture!

Changing the Culture

Dear Champion of Parental Rights, Thanks to you, we are doing something very few non-profits have accomplished in all of history: we are changing the culture for families in America. When a child services investigator knocked on my door on April Fool’s Day 2003, it was no joke. We had no idea who “called us…

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We’re Getting Through!

Getting Through

What do a California school of social work, a vaccine apologist, and the government have in common? No, it’s not just that they’re the traditional enemies of parental rights. Rather, in the last two months has been invited into conversation with all of them! As a nation we see too many children suffer unnecessary…

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Thanks to You, We Alerted President Trump


Dear Champion of Parental Rights, recently sent a letter to President Trump on your behalf. The following explains how that unusual event came about and what it means. When a Norwegian family court in September ruled to terminate Amy Jakobsen’s parental rights to Tyler, her son, friends, and legal advisors went looking for additional…

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Two Little Boys, One Big Problem

Photo from “Jordan Meissinger holds his newborn son. His joy was short-lived. When Baby Paxton was only 48 hours old, Arizona social workers took him away from his family. Photo provided by family.” Two-day-old Paxton Meissinger was separated from his parents by the Arizona Department of Child Services (DCS), a victim not of abuse…

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