Urgent Action Alert to Stop Dangerous California Bill

We need your help to stop S.B. 866, a bill that authorizes 12-year-old children to consent to immunizations without their parents knowing about it or giving their consent. This bill has been introduced by California State Senators Scott Wiener and Richard Pan, coauthored by Senator Josh Newman, and coauthored in the California State Assembly by Buffy Wicks, Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, Laura Friedman, Evan Low, Phil Ting, and Akilah Weber. 

S.B. 866 is another attack on our families. It forces children to take on adult responsibilities by robbing them of their loving parents’ wisdom in major health care decisions, such as vaccine administration.

And it endangers children. A minor child may not know his or her medical history. A minor child could suffer an adverse reaction, and if the parent does not know that the child was immunized, they may miss warning signs and be unable to get the child to the hospital in time. Or, a parent may not know that their child received an immunization at school, and have their family pediatrician administer the same immunization, resulting in potential harm due to multiple and unnecessary doses.

Please call or email (or both!) your California State Senator and ask him or her to oppose S.B. 866. Your message can be as simple as the following:

“Please oppose S.B. 866, a bill which allows minors to consent to vaccinations. This bill threatens parental rights and endangers children. Parents are a child’s greatest advocate and protection when it comes to making health care decisions, including immunizations, for their own children.” 

We encourage you to forward this email to several of your friends. We can win this battle for parental rights if all of us as parents stand together. The Parental Rights Foundation is litigating in federal court a similar law recently passed in the District of Columbia, and you can read our arguments against that law here.


Will Estrada

President, ParentalRights.org