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Senator Graham Introduces Parental Rights Amendment

Video Announcement from PRO President, Jim Mason: View Now Exciting News! The Parental Rights Amendment Has Been Introduced in the Senate. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE // August 1, 2017 // Washington, D.C. – Senator Lindsey Graham…

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What We Are Learning from Charlie Gard

Parental Rights Matter to Us All An 11-month-old, severely ill baby in the United Kingdom has become the talk of the world. Charlie Gard, sick with infantile onset encephalomyopathy mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome (MDDS) and with little chance of recovery, is all over the news and the internet. The issue at hand is whether Charlie’s…

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D.C. Meetings Lead to Major Success!

Our “Parental Rights on the Hill” day July 13 was a rousing success and resulted in excellent news for the Parental Rights Amendment (PRA)! We gathered our board members from all over the country for a meeting in D.C. and connected them with members of Congress while they were here. We scheduled three kinds of…

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Charlie Gard: Coming to America?

Image: Stock Photo The United Kingdom’s highest court has determined it is in Charlie Gard’s “best interest” for his parents to give up on him and watch him die. The European Court of Human Rights tacitly agrees. Unless a last-minute rehearing reaches a different conclusion, under European law this renders Charlie hopeless, his parents powerless…

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Parents Ordered to Let Child Die: Take Action

Don't Let It Happen Here!

All hope for 10-month-old Charlie Gard died when the European Court of Human Rights denied the petition to hear his parents’ appeal of a British court ruling that will end his life. Charlie has a rare genetic condition that has rendered him immobile and unable even to eat or breathe on his own, but an…

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When Mom Is a Hero

Mom and Son

When a tornado ripped through a mobile home community in Van Vleck, Texas, in February, mother Ashlie Ovesny risked her own life to save her two young children. “She held them to her chest as the house tumbled,” husband Anthony Ovesny explained in this article. “She took the brunt of everything.” When 30-year-old Danielle Janofsy…

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How Do We Unite Congress?


Between health care bills, Neil Gorsuch, and the Russian election investigation, one thing is painfully clear: Congress is as divided now as it has ever been. Democrats and Republicans, seemingly never quick to collaborate, are having even more trouble than usual finding common ground. So how can we bring them together? To pass an amendment…

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Parental Rights, Neil Gorsuch, and International Law

Video Neil Gorsuch

[Video at] Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch last week fielded a question from Senator Ben Sasse (R- Nebraska) regarding the application of international law in judicial interpretation. In years past, this question has been a vital part of the discussion of parental rights, due to concerns that international treaties and precedents might provide a…

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