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New CAPTA Bill Shifts Power to Parents

2 of 23 New CAPTA Bill Shifts Power to Parents

It may be the rarest of all gifts in American politics today: any topic that can bring bipartisan support. Such is parental rights, which according to polling enjoys the support of more than 90% from any political party—Democrat, Republican, or Independent. This gift of bipartisan agreement should apply equally to H.R. 6233, a bill newly…

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Thank You, Thank You…and Only Two Days Left to Call

Parental Rights D.C. Blitz Day - Thank You!

Great Day in D.C. – Keep Up the Calls Through Tomorrow!Thank you, thank you, thank you! Yesterday’s lobby day almost couldn’t have gone any better. The offices we visited were welcoming and the staffers we talked to were receptive to our cause of parental rights. That is the result of your calls and emails in…

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Today Is the Day!

Parental Rights D.C. Blitz Day - Today - Call Now!

Today is the day! Today we’re heading to D.C. to visit Congress on your behalf, urging their support for the Parental Rights Amendment. If there’s one thing the last two weeks have shown us as a nation, it is that we all agree children should not be separated from their parents unless it is absolutely…

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Call Congress Now –
Blitz Coming

D.C. Blitz Day

It’s time! Today is the day to call your congressman and senators and urge them to support the Parental Rights Amendment! Many of you signed up for these emails specifically so you would know when to call Congress and make your voice heard. The time is now—today through Wednesday, June 27! That’s because our team…

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Opioid Crisis Conference – and Upcoming D.C. Blitz Day

When the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) held a conference on “the opioid crisis and foster care families” on June 7 in Washington, D.C.,’s Maggie McKneely was there to observe the discussion and make new contacts with fresh allies for parental rights. In the morning, keynote speaker Gov. Doug Ducey (R-AZ) discussed the policy changes…

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“The New Law of the Child” Attacks Parental Rights

They’re at it again. Once more, academic legal scholars are trying to hypothesize away your parental rights, as well as your child’s right to be represented and protected under your care. The latest salvo comes from law professors Anne C. Dailey of the University of Connecticut School of Law and Laura A. Rosenbury of the…

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Michigan Law: Another Win

Another WIN for Families!

A new Michigan law will make it harder for child welfare investigators and family courts to remove children from fit and loving parents. Last week I enjoyed getting to share with you the good news of Utah’s new law clarifying the legal definition of “neglect.” With as many as 80% of child welfare investigations across…

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Hundreds of Children Illegally Removed?

A 38-year-old father and his attorney have managed to uncover an illegal practice so widespread that its exposure could overturn dozens, or even hundreds, of child welfare proceedings in one North Carolina county. According to an investigation and March 15 report by the Associated Press, the Cherokee County Department of Social Services has been using…

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HHS Proposes Rule Expanding Religious and Conscience Protections in Health Care

The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) in the federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently released a wide-ranging proposed rule that focused on increasing protections for the rights of conscience and religious liberties in the area of health care services. Several provisions of the rule pertain to the issue of parental rights. Interested…

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Traumatizing the Innocent Isn’t the Answer

Note: is not a “homeschool organization.” We support the right of all parents to direct the education, as well as the upbringing and care, of their children. But, as the recent Turpin case from California has prompted many to call for over-regulation of those who choose to homeschool, we felt a response was in…

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