Calls Needed as Key Committee Considers Fundamental Parental Rights Bill Next Tuesday!

We’re excited to announce that S.B. 996, the Parental Rights Protection Act, will receive a committee hearing in the Senate State Government Committee on Tuesday, October 18, at 10:30 a.m.!

S.B. 996 was introduced earlier this year by Pennsylvania Senators Doug Mastriano, Kristin Phillips-Hill, Judy Ward, and Michele Brooks. S.B. 996 will protect parental rights in Pennsylvania law, strengthening the right of parents to direct the education, upbringing, and care of their children. And it will allow Pennsylvania to join the fifteen other states in the nation that already have a similar law on their books.

Please contact the senators on the State Government Committee and urge them to support S.B. 996. You can find the names and contact information of the 11 senators on this committee here: 

Your message can be as simple as the following:

Please support S.B. 996 to enshrine into Pennsylvania law that parental rights are a fundamental right. This common-sense bill will take the U.S. Supreme Court’s precedent from the last 100 years and put it into the text of Pennsylvania law, thereby protecting the constitutional rights of all Pennsylvania families. President Will Estrada has been asked to testify in favor of S.B. 996 at the hearing on Tuesday. If you wish to attend the committee hearing, it will be held in the Pennsylvania Capitol in Harrisburg in Hearing Room 1 of the North Office Building.

You can also watch the livestream on the Committee’s webpage at

Thank you for standing with us in the battle to protect our children by empowering parents!


Michael Ramey

Executive Director