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Be a Resolutionary

It’s not a typo. We are calling on volunteers and state lawmakers to become “resolutionaries” for parental rights. What is a “resolutionary,” you ask? Well, as a revolutionary starts a revolution, we are looking for “resolutionaries” in each state to start a resolution—a state resolution calling on Congress to adopt the Parental Rights Amendment, that…

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Parental Rights Heating up on Capitol Hill

Coalition Partners

Picture: President Jim Mason and Gov’t Relations Director Will Estrada on Capitol Hill with Diane Redleaf of The Family Defense Center and Suzanne Sellers of Families Organizing for Child Welfare Justice, part of a 12-member coalition for parental rights President Jim Mason met with Senator Lindsey Graham’s staff last Tuesday to lay the…

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How Do We Unite Congress?


Between health care bills, Neil Gorsuch, and the Russian election investigation, one thing is painfully clear: Congress is as divided now as it has ever been. Democrats and Republicans, seemingly never quick to collaborate, are having even more trouble than usual finding common ground. So how can we bring them together? To pass an amendment…

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