Thank You, Thank You…and Only Two Days Left to Call

Parental Rights D.C. Blitz Day - Thank You!

Great Day in D.C. – Keep Up the Calls Through Tomorrow!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Yesterday’s lobby day almost couldn’t have gone any better. The offices we visited were welcoming and the staffers we talked to were receptive to our cause of parental rights.

That is the result of your calls and emails in support of both the Amendment and our visits. They knew we weren’t just there for ourselves, but for you as well.

We even learned of an office willing to meet with us at the last minute thanks to the efforts of our volunteers. We got that message too late to see them yesterday (their available time slot had already passed), but we are in contact with that office now to follow up.

In all, the meetings we had were promising and encouraging, and we hope to see additional cosponsors sign on soon.

Keep Calling Through Tomorrow
That said, though, it is still not too late to call in and urge your congressman’s support. Congress will be in recess next week, but until then—through Friday of this week—we encourage you to keep calling.

Thank You Video
Check out our “thank you” video from this morning for a little more about how our day went and how much we appreciate your standing with us in this vital cause. And follow us on Facebook or Twitter for real-time updates of additional cosponsors over the next few days!

Thank You!


Michael Ramey
Director of Communications & Research

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