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Parental Rights To Be Addressed in State Legislatures

Dear Champion of Parental Rights, State legislatures all over the country reconvened this week (or last), and in some of them the issue of parental rights is, if not front and center, at least high on the agenda. Sadly, in recent years many states have taken up bills that would further erode parental rights, such…

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We Have A Sponsor for Parental Rights Amendment!

We Have A Sponsor

Dear Champion of Parental Rights, It’s time! Today is the day to call Congress in preparation for the introduction of the Parental Rights Amendment (PRA) in the U.S. House. Last month we met with Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), and he agreed wholeheartedly to become the lead sponsor of the Parental Rights Amendment in this new…

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We Are Changing the Culture!

Changing the Culture

Dear Champion of Parental Rights, Thanks to you, we are doing something very few non-profits have accomplished in all of history: we are changing the culture for families in America. When a child services investigator knocked on my door on April Fool’s Day 2003, it was no joke. We had no idea who “called us…

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We’re Getting Through!

Getting Through

What do a California school of social work, a vaccine apologist, and the government have in common? No, it’s not just that they’re the traditional enemies of parental rights. Rather, in the last two months has been invited into conversation with all of them! As a nation we see too many children suffer unnecessary…

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Thank you! We Did It!

Thank You!

Thanks to you, we once again exceeded our goal for #GivingTuesday, and I don’t mean by a little. All told, this Giving Tuesday raised $30,733.50,including $2,140.00 to our educational arm, the Parental Rights Foundation. (Gifts to the Foundation can only be used for education regarding parental rights and policy, while the remaining gifts to…

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Today Only! Gifts Count Double.


It’s here! #GivingTuesday has arrived! Will you “remember the Children” by helping us reach our 1-day donation goal of $20,000 to fuel state resolutions that promote the Parental Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution? You recognize, as we do, that the very best way to protect children is by preserving their right to be raised…

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Thanks to You, We Alerted President Trump


Dear Champion of Parental Rights, recently sent a letter to President Trump on your behalf. The following explains how that unusual event came about and what it means. When a Norwegian family court in September ruled to terminate Amy Jakobsen’s parental rights to Tyler, her son, friends, and legal advisors went looking for additional…

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Parental Rights Announces New Executive Director

From President Jim Mason: On Monday, October 28, I was pleased to announce the promotion of Michael Ramey to the position of executive director for and for the Parental Rights Foundation. We recently celebrated Michael’s ten years of dedicated service to the cause of parental rights and to the organization. You have no…

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Action Needed: Will You Be a Resolutionary?


Here’s How You Can Help.As laid out in our 2019 Battle Plan last week, is looking to launch resolutions in as many states as possible—resolutions whereby your state lawmakers urge the 2019 Congress to pass the Parental Rights Amendment (PRA). The plan is bold. It’s going to take a lot of work. But we…

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