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Report on the HELP Committee Hearing on Vaccines


Note: This week’s newsletter is an eye-witness report from Federal Relations Liaison Maggie McKneely. Here’s Maggie: The well-publicized measles outbreaks In Washington, New York, and Texas have inflamed the debate over vaccines. In recent months, we’ve seen a number of states introduce legislation that would either partially or entirely remove vaccine exemptions. California Congressman Adam…

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Take Action to Protect Children and Parents in Maine

LD 798, a bill that threatens children and parental rights, is scheduled for a hearing next week. The measure comes before Maine’s Joint Standing Committee on Educational and Cultural Affairs on Wednesday, March 13, at 1:00 pm in Room 208 of the Cross Building in Augusta. LD 798 would remove the right of parents to…

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We’re Getting Through!

Getting Through

What do a California school of social work, a vaccine apologist, and the government have in common? No, it’s not just that they’re the traditional enemies of parental rights. Rather, in the last two months has been invited into conversation with all of them! As a nation we see too many children suffer unnecessary…

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