Keep Calling – Time Is Short to Be “Original”

Time Is Short!

Keep calling your congressman! In the first three days of calls last week, we added four original cosponsors to the Parental Rights Amendment in the House, and though calls have let up, we have added another since then.

Currently joining lead sponsor Randy Hultgren (R-IL) on the PRA resolution are Reps. Jeff Duncan (R-SC), Tim Budd (R-NC), Kristi Noem (R-SD), Tim Walberg (R-MI), and Barbara Comstock (R-VA).

This is a terrific start, but time is running out for your lawmaker to be an “original cosponsor.” (They can sign on as a cosponsor any time, but only those signed on at the time of its introduction are “original cosponsors.”) We anticipate Rep. Hultgren will introduce the measure as early as Friday, so to be an “original” your representative will have to move fast!

As a reminder, here’s what you need to do to make your voice heard. And if you already called last week but your lawmaker hasn’t signed on yet, go ahead and call them again; there’s a lot to be said for persistence!

And please call no matter what the political party of your congressman. This is an issue that matters to us all and truly reaches across the aisle.

Call Instructions

First, call you congressman’s D.C. phone number, available on or by calling the Capitol Switchboard at 202.224.3121.

Then, tell their staff you are calling to urge your lawmaker to sign on with Randy Hultgren as an original cosponsor of the Parental Rights Amendment. Your natural, God-given right to raise your child is at risk in the courts, and this Amendment is necessary to see that liberty is protected at the level it—and you and your children—deserve.

Finally, tell them time is running out. Rep. Hultgren is introducing the bill within the next couple of days, and you’d really like your congressman to be signed on when that happens.

Then, as always, thank them for taking your call. Remember to be courteous whenever you call; it’s the best way to get results!

Please take the time to call right now, before you move on to something else. And thank you for standing with us—for calling with us!—to protect parental rights!