Parental Rights Under Attack

Parental Rights Under Attack

Dear Champion of Parental Rights,

In the halls of one of America’s oldest and most prestigious universities, your parental rights are under attack.

“The reason the parent-child relationships exists is because the State confers legal parenthood on people through its paternity and maternity laws.”

This recent comment comes from an interview with distinguished law professor James Dwyer, the Arthur B. Hanson and Cabell Research Professor of Law at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. Professor Dwyer is a leading academic voice who sincerely holds that parental rights are given to us only by the State.

Dwyer, who teaches family law, also believes that there is no such thing as fundamental parental rights; it is the State that gets to make every major decision in a child’s life, not the parents.

In the same interview, Dwyer claimed,

It’s the state that is empowering parents to do anything – to take [children] home, have custody, and make any decisions about that.”

He believes you have no rights unless the State gives them to you. And you can actually lose your rights before you ever take your child home from the hospital!

Dwyer genuinely believes that the “state needs to be the ultimate guarantor of a child’s well-being.” He wants parents – he wants you and me– to be removed from the equation.

He thinks government can do a better job of raising children. But you and I both know that he’s wrong.

We know that when a parent loses their rights, it’s often the child who truly suffers. Children with proper parental support are more likely to have higher grades, better health, and possess greater social competence. In fact, children who grow up with loving and committed parents are less likely to smoke, drink, use drugs, or end up in jail.

Parental involvement is key to a child’s future success. Even the Supreme Court has held that the child and his parents share a vital interest in preventing erroneous termination of their natural relationship.” Santosky v. Kramer 455 US. 745 (1982) at 760 (emphasis added).

However, as parents, our rights are not safe from erroneous attacks and dangerous, radical ideologies like those of Professor Dwyer. In fact, across America today, too many families have seen Dwyer’s ideas acted out by Child Protective Services.

We’ve seen children ripped away from healthy, happy homes without cause by over-zealous child services investigators who think they know best. And the result is predictably the same: broken homes, and broken children who grow up to have broken homes of their own.

But together we are changing this story thanks to your generous support of

For more than 25 years, Dwyer has been spreading his convoluted logic through articles, books, and courtroom and TV appearances. And instead of being criticized for his radical and dangerous ideas, Dwyer is praised by his colleagues for his work. He has actually received numerous awards as an “expert” in family law.

Now he’s influencing the next generation of family court lawyers and judges in the classroom.

There are already many academics and politicians who agree with him. Too many are saying that the government can raise children better than parents can.

As an American and as a parent, I am concerned about the spread of this toxic and dangerous ideology that will inevitably produce catastrophic damage.

Imagine a court system where family law practitioners don’t believe you should choose what school your child goes to. Or what religion your family practices. Or even whether someone else should raise your child.

Or imagine a system so powerful they can take away your children at any time, without you ever getting a day in court at all.

If Dwyer’s radical beliefs are adopted nationwide, that is their natural conclusion.

But you and I know something that Professor Dwyer just won’t admit. We know that children are better off when parents, and not the government, direct their upbringing.

There is good news, though. Together you and I can actually halt Dwyer’s assault on our families before it gets too far.

With the Parental Rights Amendment, we can make sure that our parental rights cannot be trampled on by a government that thinks it knows best how to raise your kids.

That’s why my team is hard at work to secure your rights and make sure that children nationwide are able to benefit from their parents’ loving care.

I am proud to announce that this summer the Parental Rights Amendment was introduced in Congress as Senate Joint Resolution 48 by Senator Lindsey Graham. He was joined by five additional senators as original cosponsors: Sen. Blunt (R-MO), Sen. Grassley (R-IA), Sen. Isakson (R-GA), Sen. Risch (R-ID), and Sen. Rubio (R-FL). What’s more, we’ve confirmed that re-introduction of the Amendment in the House is slated to happen within the month!

This introduction in both houses is a giant step towards protecting your fundamental rights from people like James Dwyer. That is why we urgently need your help to advance the bill in Congress this fall.

Such advancements and victories would simply not be possible without your continued support.

Unlike many political organizations, is led by a passionate group of parents like you, who are committed to fight for our parental rights! We are able to continue the fight for our Parental Rights thanks to the faithful financial support of our partners across the country. Together, we are truly making history!

Thanks to you, we’ve had an exciting and momentous year so far. But our work isn’t done. Comments like Dwyer’s remind us that we must continue to fight against beliefs that would erode your right to be a parent.

Right now we are preparing for the introduction of the Parental Rights Amendment in the House of Representatives.

Would you consider giving your best gift today to help us in Congress to combat Dwyer’s dangerous ideology?

With your help, is continuing to stand up against the encroaching power of government. We will fight back against those who say that your rights come from the State. And we will be able to win those vital victories that push the Amendment forward.

Your best gift today will help to secure your parental rights in the future.

Thank you for your commitment to the fight. It is truly an honor to serve your family and fight for your rights!


James Mason

P.S. – Distinguished law professor James Dwyer is teaching future lawyers and judges that parents don’t have a fundamental right to parent. Fortunately, we can protect families from this dangerous ideology. With the Parental Rights Amendment, you and I can ensure that our rights are secured against the radical belief that parenthood is a favor endowed by the government. Please make your best gift today, and together we can protect children by empowering parents.

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