Action Needed: Will You Be a Resolutionary?


Here’s How You Can Help.As laid out in our 2019 Battle Plan last week, is looking to launch resolutions in as many states as possible—resolutions whereby your state lawmakers urge the 2019 Congress to pass the Parental Rights Amendment (PRA). The plan is bold. It’s going to take a lot of work. But we…

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2019 Battle Plan Enclosed

The Resolutionary Battle Plan

Dear Champion of Parental Rights, I have some exciting news from the board of, and I wanted to share it with our most faithful supporters right away. Our board recently held a planning retreat and came away more passionate and focused than ever. Together the board and my staff planned and laid the foundation…

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PA Dentist Threatens Parents; Utah Adopts a Better Way

Dentist Threatens Parents

PA Dentist Threatens Parents A dentist’s office in Pennsylvania has made headlines and sparked a social media firestorm of angry parents. Dr. Ross Wezmar of Smiles 4 Keeps came under fire for a letter citing Pennsylvania Act 31 and threatening to report parents for neglect if they failed to schedule their child’s next cleaning with…

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Parental Rights to Overcome Disability Discrimination

Efforts Are Underway This Year to Significantly Improve the Legal Landscape for Parents with Disabilities. Current Disability Discrimination in Parental Rights For decades, parents with disabilities have entered the courtroom with the deck stacked against them. The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation reported in 2016 that “35 states include disability as grounds for termination of…

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Traumatizing the Innocent Isn’t the Answer

Note: is not a “homeschool organization.” We support the right of all parents to direct the education, as well as the upbringing and care, of their children. But, as the recent Turpin case from California has prompted many to call for over-regulation of those who choose to homeschool, we felt a response was in…

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Visit Senators to Support Parental Rights Amendment

Visit Your Senators before Labor Day While They’re Still Home on Summer Recess Pictured: PRO’s President, Jim Mason, in Indiana with local supporters after visiting with Senator Joe Donnelly’s (D-IN) case manager about the Parental Rights Amendment Dear Champion of Parental Rights, In case you missed the big news, Senator Lindsey Graham introduced the Parental…

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Maine – Please Contact Your Lawmakers

Dear Champion of Parental Rights in Maine, I just received the following alert from Scott Woodruff, the attorney who spoke on our behalf before the Maine Judiciary Committee earlier this month. Please take note of his request and contact your lawmakers to support this bill. Sincerely, Michael Ramey Director of Communications & Research —————- Calls…

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Exciting Days Ahead

The Parental Rights Amendment Is Being Reintroduced!

The school year may be winding down, but things are just about to take off here at The biggest item on the near horizon is the introduction of the Parental Rights Amendment (PRA) in both houses of Congress, which I expect to see very soon. But that’s not all that’s taking place during that…

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Call Immediately to Protect Your Right to Decide How to Raise Your Kids

Calls are urgently needed to urge Maine lawmakers to protect parental rights. A bill is pending, LD 472, that would enact a law protecting the rights of parents. It sounds like a simple, obvious idea! But when I testified in favor of the bill during a committee hearing on May 2, some lawmakers seemed unsupportive.…

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Why a Statute in a "Safe" State?

Tuesday morning, attorney Scott Woodruff spoke on behalf of before a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee of the Maine state legislature. Woodruff testified in support of LD 472 as amended, a bill to protect the fundamental right of parents as a matter of state law. Thankfully, Maine’s courts have a solid history of…

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