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We’re Going Around Congress

If we can’t get through, we’ll go around. That’s our plan for protecting parental rights relating to child welfare investigations. We won’t give up. We won’t quit.             Because if Congress won’t protect families, we’ll find another way. Right now we can’t afford not to. Not when a good parent can spend ten years or…

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School to Moms: Your Money or Your Child

A Pennsylvania school district came under fire last week for a letter sent home to parents who owed debts for their child’s school lunch program. Unable to collect for the breakfasts and lunches certain students had consumed, the Wyoming Valley West School District threatened to have the families reported to “dependency court” and have their…

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Video Reveals CPS Critical Flaw

A new video from the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) reveals a fundamental problem with Child Protective Services (CPS). When CPS gets a call, their first move is to send an investigator to look around. This “first-responder” role is often portrayed as social work: a stranger stepping in to help needy families. In reality, the investigator…

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Parental Rights Briefing Held for U.S. Senators

US Senate - CAPTA reathorization debate

Last Thursday we had the honor of presenting a briefing on the matter of the CAPTA reauthorization to staffers from several Senate offices. (We have chosen not to identify the specific offices for politically strategic reasons.) CAPTA is the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, a federal law that provides funding to the states if…

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The House CAPTA Bill Would Harm Families

Betrayed. That’s how I felt when I read the House’s version of a bill to reauthorize CAPTA, the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act. It’s how we all felt. And by “we all,” I mean our allies and coalition partners from all across the political spectrum. I mean partners I just met at the National…

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Preventing Bad Ideas in Federal Law

US house CAPTA

Dear Parental Rights Champion, You know the power of a good idea. Or a bad one. Corey Widen’s eight-year-old daughter had just returned from walking the dog around the block—most of which Corey could see from her windows—when there was a troubling knock at the door. It was the Wilmette (IL) police, responding to a…

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House Hearing on CAPTA – Good News?

House Subcommittee

The U.S. House Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Human Resources held a hearing on Tuesday, March 26, regarding efforts to reauthorize CAPTA—the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act. While we were not able to get onto the witness list, our D.C. liaison Maggie McKneely was on hand for most of the hearing in person. I…

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CAPTA Coalition to Offer Testimony

The newly formed House Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Human Services will meet on Tuesday, March 26, to discuss CAPTA reauthorization. CAPTA is the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, the vehicle by which the federal government grants money to states if they will follow federal guidelines regarding child welfare organizations. What’s the Rush? We…

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New CAPTA Bill Shifts Power to Parents

2 of 23 New CAPTA Bill Shifts Power to Parents

It may be the rarest of all gifts in American politics today: any topic that can bring bipartisan support. Such is parental rights, which according to polling enjoys the support of more than 90% from any political party—Democrat, Republican, or Independent. This gift of bipartisan agreement should apply equally to H.R. 6233, a bill newly…

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