Legislative Update and a Big Surprise

Oklahoma House Chamber

This legislative season has been something of a mixed bag, with some victories, some disappointments, some challenges, and one particular story that took us by surprise. Some Victories In Oklahoma, the Parental Rights Amendment (PRA) resolution, SCR 1, passed the House of Representatives by unanimous consent on April 3, making Oklahoma the seventh state to…

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Legislative Update: Parental Rights Around the Country

Families oppose SF1520 in Minnesota

Our Resolutionary Campaign is in full force, currently pursuing passage of Parental Rights Amendment Resolutions in six states. In addition, more than a dozen battles are looming in other states, most over bills that would threaten everything from vaccine exemptions to the privacy of your own home. There’s a lot to cover, so I’ll dive…

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Mandatory Home Visits Coming to Oregon?

Dear Champion of Parental Rights, Are the headlines true? Are universal mandatory home visits coming to Oregon in the near future? At first read, it appears Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s latest budget proposal would introduce over the next six years a program of mandatory in-home visits for every family with a newborn child. Not just…

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