Urgent: Iowa Parental Rights Law Needs Your Voice Today

Your state representative needs to hear from you in the next few hours so they can vote to support your parental rights. 

Iowa H.F. 819, a bill to codify existing parental rights protections into Iowa law, is on the debate schedule for today, March 25, 2021. 

Sponsored by Rep. Eddie Anders, H.F. 819 takes language from existing Iowa Supreme Court cases regarding the fundamental nature of parental rights and places that language in the Iowa legal code. This bill does not change what your parental rights are, but preserves them against the shifting ideologies of the judiciary.

And that’s just what your lawmaker needs to hear.

Those pushing back against this bill are warning about vague, undefined, “unintended consequences.” But there can be no unintended consequences from this bill, as it merely reflects the legal reality that already exists in Iowa regarding parental rights.

Take Action

  1. If you don’t yet know who your state representative is, you can find out by putting your address in the search bar on this page.
  2. Once you know who your representative is, you can find their email address on the list here.
  3. Here’s what they need to hear from you, in your own words:

My name is ______ and I live in your district. I am writing to urge your support for the original language of H.F. 819 to preserve the fundamental liberty of parents to direct the education, care, custody, and control of their minor children. This bill won’t make any changes to the law, but will codify in statute what is already the law as applied by our courts. 

The bill contains language from our own courts protecting the vital parent role. I want to see that language put into statute so a different judge down the road can’t take those rights away from subsequent generations.

Please vote ‘yes’ on the original language of H.F. 819 when it comes up today.

Move It Forward

Senator Brad Zaun is standing ready to take up leadership of this bill as soon as it makes it to the Senate. But we have to get it to him, and that means it needs to pass the House. So please take a moment right now, before you close this email, to contact your Iowa state representative and urge them to protect your family by voting “yes” on H.F. 819.

Thank you for standing with us in this vital hour to protect children and families by preserving parental rights in the Hawkeye State.


Barb Heki, Iowa State Coordinator, &
Michael Ramey, Executive Director