Thoughts on Family and COVID-19

It really isn’t the end of the world. But the pandemic status of COVID-19 has certainly brought about some significant changes for each of us in our daily lives.

For millions, the biggest change is that the kids are home. Schools are shut down for the next several weeks, with some sources hinting that many schools may stay closed until the other side of summer break. (Virginia’s governor just confirmed this in our state while this article was in editing.)

For others, the biggest change may be telecommuting. Rather than suits and ties, endless meetings, and a cubicle, now it’s pajamas, conference calls, and a laptop or home computer.

There is no denying that life has slowed down, and family has once again become the center of everything.

This, at least, is a good thing.

We firmly believe that the relationships we have with our family are foundational to who we are as human beings and members of society. Cherish this unexpected time you have with your children.

Fresh Excuse for False Reports

But we must also remain vigilant and wise.

At, we have heard accounts of families being reported to CPS for taking their family out in public during these days of social distancing.

As if busybodies needed one more excuse to call an anonymous child abuse hotline.

These accounts aren’t common, and we don’t expect it to spread, but we are aware of it and thought you should know, too. Apparently, even in this time of goodwill, there are still people out there ready to make an unnecessary report of child abuse against good and reasonable parents.

Now is the perfect time for getting some more fresh air and sunshine with your family, but make sure you do it wisely.

Go to a nature path or on a leisurely walk around the block, but don’t go out in a crowded park or other public place. And, as always, you can wave to neighbors, just don’t get too close to them.

Enjoy this opportunity you have as a family to just be together.

But we ask that you also remember those who are not so fortunate, whose families have been divided by government intrusion, most of them without a solid reason.

Those families are having it even harder right now, as their already-limited visitations are cut due to quarantines. So please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Stay Connected

Meanwhile, we as the family need to stay in touch.

Rallies and lobby events have been cancelled. Lobbyists aren’t heading up to Capitol Hill. Even our little office in Virginia is generally empty, as our team works remotely from our individual homes. (We go in every few days for the mail and other necessary on-site duties.)

But parental rights abuses, like the one I mentioned earlier in this letter, are still taking place. We won’t see them in the one-track news right now. But if you hear of them, you can let us know.

On a discussion board I frequent, someone recently wrote, “We aren’t social distancing. We’re just physically distancing. Socially, we’re as connected as ever.” That’s our hope as a parental rights community, too.

Please, check out our Facebook page, or even the Facebook page for your state. (We have about 20 state-specific parental rights pages.) Drop us a note, and certainly alert us to any abuses you’re seeing. We’d really love it if you would stop by daily and just say “Hi!”

You are our community.

Uncertain Brings Opportunity

These are uncertain days for all of us, but “uncertainty” doesn’t have to mean “fear.”

This break from the routine, as unsettling as it may feel, contains a whole world of possibilities.

We may find opportunities we’ve never had before to look out for our neighbors, to encourage other families, and to enjoy having our children close by. And we can learn to connect in new ways.

Today, much more than usual, our family defines our whole life. And I’m good with that; I believe in my family.

We at believe in your family, too.

So, thank you for standing with us. Please keep in touch!


Michael Ramey
Executive Director