Urgent Action Needed in Florida District 20

You are one of only a few who can call right now to push the Florida “Parent’s Bill of Rights” past a major roadblock in the Florida Senate legislative process. Almost two months ago the “Parents’ Bill of Rights” was introduced as S.B. 1634 in the Florida Senate, along with its companion bill, H.B.1059, in…

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Florida, Special Interests, and Parental Rights

Last week in Florida, 6-year-old Nadia King was taken from her public school by police and committed to a mental health facility, all before her mother was contacted or notified. Fortunately, change is coming to Florida—but it looks like it can’t get there soon enough. Another Victim of the Baker Act Under a 50-year-old Florida…

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States Take Up Parental Rights Legislation

The new legislative year is underway across the country, and in Florida and Colorado we’re championing promising bills to protect parental rights. (For more about the Florida bills and the Florida legislature’s committee challenges, check out this week’s Parental Rights Podcast with special guest, ParentalRights.org State Coordinator Patti Sullivan.) Colorado HB 20-1063 In Colorado, Rep.…

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Legislative Update and a Big Surprise

Oklahoma House Chamber

This legislative season has been something of a mixed bag, with some victories, some disappointments, some challenges, and one particular story that took us by surprise. Some Victories In Oklahoma, the Parental Rights Amendment (PRA) resolution, SCR 1, passed the House of Representatives by unanimous consent on April 3, making Oklahoma the seventh state to…

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Your Voice Needed in Florida for Parental Rights

Florida Senate Chamber

Hello! The proposed Florida Parents’ Bill of Rights has just passed a major roadblock in the Senate. But we need your help today to keep it moving forward. Background Four weeks ago the “Parents’ Bill of Rights” was introduced as  HB 1171 in the House and SB 1726 in the Senate. Parentalrights.org staff and volunteers,…

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