Support Parental Rights Legislation in Colorado

Our friends at LetGrow are preparing to introduce new parental rights legislation this year in Colorado, and they’re inviting concerned parents to join them in an online information session this coming Monday, January 24, at 5pm via Zoom.

A child reading a book

Text that says "Protecting common sense and safe independence. Learn more about upcoming legislation! January 24th at 5pm on Zoom. Register at"

Please click to register at or

At least two potential bill sponsors plan to attend the call, as well.

We fully support the efforts of LetGrow and their model legislation to protect parents from being caught up in a neglect investigation simply because some busybody doesn’t approve of their parenting decisions.  We have worked with LetGrow in other states, as well, and are proud of the legislation we have passed together.

Thank you for your interest in and support for parental rights in Colorado!