Parental Rights in Hawaii

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Action Alert: Call your Hawaii State Representatives to Enact Parents’ Bill of Rights

February 11, 2022

We are excited to let you know that Hawaii Representative Gene Ward has introduced  H.B. 2295 to enact a Parents’ Bill of Rights.  We strongly support this bill. If H.B. 2295 were to be passed into law, it would: enshrine into Hawaii law that parental rights are a fundamental right,  provide curriculum transparency to parents…

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Hawaii State Law and Parental Rights

At Risk

Hawaii does not have a state statute that explicitly defines and protects parental rights as fundamental rights.

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Hawaii Courts and Parental Rights

"Strict Scrutiny" Applied to Parental Rights

In Doe v. Doe 172 P.3d 1067, 1077, 1079 (Haw. 2007), the Hawaii Supreme Court applied the strict scrutiny standard on behalf of parental rights in a grandparent visitation dispute.

However, this precedent is subject to change.