New Hampshire: One More Push Needed!

Last week, your calls made the difference. After the Committee of Conference initially killed H.B. 1431, the Parents’ Bill of Rights, the same committee reversed itself and approved the bill! This is unprecedented – and it is because you and so many parents like you stepped up and called your legislators and made your voices heard.

Now we need one more push. The New Hampshire House and Senate will hold a final vote this week on H.B. 1431, the Parents’ Bill of Rights. 

Please call your New Hampshire Representative and New Hampshire State Senator and ask them, respectfully but firmly, to stand with moms and dads and children across the state by voting in favor of H.B. 1431, the Parents’ Bill of Rights. 

Your message can be as simple as the following:

Please vote to support H.B. 1431, the Parents’ Bill of Rights. This bill will enshrine into New Hampshire law that parental rights are a fundamental right, as the U.S. Supreme Court has held for the past 100 years. Additionally, H.B. 1431 will protect children in New Hampshire’s public schools by allowing parents to know what is going on and make critical decisions with their own children in their local public school.  Passage of this bill into law will make New Hampshire the 16th state in the nation to protect parental rights as a fundamental right in the state code. Children need their parents, and this bill will ensure that New Hampshire parents are able to support and care for their children, not be cut out of the loop. 

Then, please do one other thing: Please forward this email to as many of your friends and family members in New Hampshire as you can. 

Large, national organizations with millions of dollars in revenue are pressuring your New Hampshire legislators and Governor Sununu to kill this bill, arguing that government employees in public schools know your child better than you do, and that they – not parents – should make the final decision of what goes on in the classroom with your own child. This is a fundamental battle over whether parents or government employees are in charge. 

We cannot match these organizations’ money. But what we lack in funds, we can make up in standing together. Parents love their children, raise their children, spend sleepless nights concerned for their children, and must not then be cut out from some of the most important decisions concerning their children’s very identity and future. Please forward this email to your friends and family members in New Hampshire and ask them to also call their legislators with this message in support of H.B. 1431, the Parents’ Bill of Rights.

You can read our letter of support for H.B. 1431 here. Thank you for standing up to protect children by empowering parents!


Will Estrada