Urgent: Calls needed THIS MORNING to save Parents’ Bill of Rights

Please call your NH Representative and NH State Senator this morning to save HB 1431, the Parents’ Bill of Rights. 

This excellent bill, which establishes the fundamental right of parents in New Hampshire state law, has already passed the New Hampshire House and Senate. However, disagreements over which version to send to the Governor are threatening passage. The conference committee is meeting at 9 am to find a path forward, and news reports stating the bill is dead are not accurate as of this moment. 

ParentalRights.org supports both the House and Senate version. Either one will provide significant protections for parents and children in New Hampshire law, and either one will make New Hampshire the 16th state in the nation to protect parental rights as a fundamental right in state law. 

Please call you legislators as soon as possible and tell them the following message:

“I urge you to support the Parents’ Bill of Rights. Either the House or Senate version will significantly increase the protection of children and families in state law. Please work with your colleagues in the legislature to ensure that a final bill protecting parental rights is sent to the Governor’s desk.”

Please, if you are seeing this in time, don’t hesitate to call now. So many of you fellow New Hampshire citizens will not see this email until it is too late—They are counting on you!

Thank you for standing up to protect children by empowering parents!


Will Estrada