Call Now to Protect Parental Rights and Children in Missouri Public Schools

Calls are needed today to support H.B. 1858, the Parents’ Bill of Rights, that has been working its way through the Missouri House of Representatives since it was prefiled on December 7, 2021., and our allies at Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) and Families for Home Education (FHE) have been working behind the scenes to strengthen the language. Thanks to the hard work of our friends at Families for Home Education, strongly supports the perfected version of the bill

If passed into law, H.B. 1858, the Parents’ Bill of Rights, will do the following:

  • Reiterate in Missouri State Code that parents have the “right to enroll the parent’s minor child in a public school or, as an alternative to public education, a private school, including a religious school, a home education program, or other available options, as authorized by law.”
  • Give parents the right to know what their children are being taught in public schools;
  • Give parents the right to visit their children during the school day;
  • Protect the privacy and biometric data of children;
  • Require school board meetings regarding curriculum, school safety, and student issues to be held in public and allow for public comments;
  • Prohibit school districts from requiring parents to sign nondisclosure agreements before viewing public school curricula;
  • And provide numerous additional protections to parents and their children in public schools. strongly supports this bill. It was placed on the Missouri House of Representatives’ Informal Third Reading Calendar on April 14 and could be voted on by the full House in the coming days. 

Please call your Missouri State Representative today and urge him or her to support H.B. 1858. Your message can be as simple as the following:

“Please support H.B. 1858, the Parents’ Bill of Rights. This critical bill will protect children and families by strengthening parental rights. Additionally, it will allow parents of public school students to be involved in their children’s education, and will protect children’s personal information and data.”

If passed into law, H.B. 1858 will allow Missouri to join the growing number of states across the nation that ensure that parents are able to be involved in their children’s public schools and know what is being taught in the classroom. 

Thank you for standing with us for parental rights!


Will Estrada