What Is the Current Status of Parental Rights in America?

For years the fundamental liberty of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children and handle their care, custody and management has been consistently upheld by the Supreme Court. Yet today federal, state and local agencies persist in finding ways to undermine the critically important parent-child relationship.

These actions include

  • removing children from their homes without sufficient cause,
  • intimidating and threatening parents with the loss of their children if they don't cooperate,
  • withholding information from parents about important issues including medical information and relevant administrative information,
  • providing medical treatment or access to prescription medication (such as abortions, vaccinations and contraception) without parental knowledge or consent, interrogating children (in public schools or public places) without parental knowledge or consent, and
  • providing information or access to inappropriate information that parents have explicitly forbidden their children from accessing.

Through law and policy, government actors are establishing a new tradition that views government—not parents—as the authority in determining what is in the best interests of children.

Prompt action is imperative to prevent any further erosion of the parent-child relationship and its current legal status. That's why ParentalRights.org exists.

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