Your Calls Made the Difference: Parental Rights Passes Committee!

We’re excited to let you know that yesterday, April 12, the Alabama House Judiciary Committee favorably reported House Bill 6 (H.B. 6), The Parental Rights Protection Act! This powerful bill, introduced by Representative Kenneth Paschal, will make Alabama the 16th state in the nation to protect parental rights as fundamental in state code. Constitutional law professor and Parental Rights Foundation board member William Wagner submitted written testimony in support of H.B. 6 to the House Judiciary Committee. You can read Professor Wagner’s written testimony here. 

Now the battle to protect children by empowering parents moves to the full Alabama House. H.B. 6 could come up for a vote on the House floor as early as Tuesday, April 18.

Please call and email your Alabama state representative and ask him or her to stand with Alabama families and support H.B. 6. You can find contact information for your Alabama state representative by typing in your address here

Your message can be as simple as the following:

As one of your constituents, I respectfully ask you to stand with Alabama families and vote in support of H.B. 6, the Parental Rights Protection Act. This bill will codify existing Supreme Court precedent and preserve Alabama’s families from unnecessary and harmful state overreach. This bill reflects the fundamental truth that the best way to protect children is by empowering parents. Thank you.

If you email your Alabama state representative, you can also include a link to a video we produced about the importance of bills like H.B. 6, and a link to William Wagner’s written testimony here.

Then, please do one more thing: forward this email to 2 or 3 (or more!) friends and family in Alabama and encourage them to make their voices heard in support of protecting parental rights in Alabama. Together, we can make Alabama the 16th state in the nation to preserve this fundamental right!

For liberty,

Will Estrada

President, and the Parental Rights Foundation