Urgent Calls Needed Today to Move Parental Rights Bill out of Committee

House Bill 6 (HB6), known as the Parental Rights Protection Act, was filed January 20, 2023, by State Rep. Kenneth Paschal and 3 co-sponsors to further fortify parental rights in Alabama, and to shield Alabamians from government overreach regarding parental rights.

HB6 was placed in the House Judiciary Committee.

We need your help. Please call and email the House Judiciary Committee chairman, Representative Jim Hill, and ask him to place HB6 on the House Judiciary Committee calendar for Wednesday, March 22, 2023.

You can reach Chairman Hill by contacting the Clerk of the House Judiciary Committee, Brandy Allen Rogers. Her contact information is (334) 261-0494 and brandy.allen@alhouse.gov.

Below is an example of an email or phone call message.

“Mrs. Brandy Allen Rogers, my name is _____, and I’m emailing/calling to respectfully request that Chairman Jim Hill place House Bill 6 on the House Judiciary Committee calendar for Wednesday, March 22nd. I ask that HB6 be voted out of committee. This bill will protect parental rights in Alabama. 

Thank you for taking a moment to stand up for parental rights. Together, we will make a difference and let our voices and concerns be heard in Montgomery.   


Will Estrada

President, ParentalRights.org and the Parental Rights Foundation