Urgent Action Needed to Save Parents’ Bill of Rights in Mississippi!

We need your calls and emails TODAY to ensure that H.B. 1489, The Families’ Rights and Responsibilities Act, does not die in committee.

This is a powerful bill that codifies in Mississippi law that parental rights are fundamental. In addition, it provides a host of strong protections to parents of Mississippi children, particularly those who are enrolled in public schools. If H.B. 1489 becomes law, Mississippi will be the 16th state in the nation to protect parental rights as fundamental.

Unfortunately, powerful special interests are trying to kill this bill. If H.B. 1489 does not go through the committee process TODAY, January 31, it will die. 

Please call and email your Mississippi State Representative right now and respectfully, but firmly, ask him or her to support H.B. 1489. Your message can be as simple as the following:

“I ask that you support H.B. 1489 and make sure that it does not die in committee today. This critical and timely bill will enshrine into Mississippi law that parental rights are a fundamental right, as the U.S. Supreme Court has held for the past 100 years. 15 states have already done this – it is time for Mississippi to become the 16th state to protect parental rights as fundamental in state law. Additionally, H.B. 1489 will protect parents and children in Mississippi’s public schools, allowing parents to make critical decisions regarding their own children. As parental rights are under attack, please stand with Mississippi parents and kids and support H.B. 1489, the Parents’ Bill of Rights.”

Thank you for standing with us to protect parental rights in Mississippi!


Will Estrada


ParentalRights.org and the Parental Rights Foundation