Urgent: Action Needed to Protect Religious and Medical Vaccine Exemptions in Massachusetts

Urgent action is needed to protect religious and medical vaccine exemptions in Massachusetts. An amendment has been snuck into an economic development bill that would severely curtail the ability of a family’s trusted pediatrician to issue medical exemptions and would allow public and private schools to ignore a family’s religious exemption.

This amendment could be passed within the next few days. It is urgent that you contact your Massachusetts state legislators and urge them to remove the “Community Immunity Act” from Senate Amendment S.3030 to House Bill H.5034—lines 2943-3036 of Senate Amendment S.3030. 

You can reach your Massachusetts state senator and representative here. For your convenience, we are partnering with the Massachusetts Family Institute and Health Choice 4 Action-MA, who graciously allowed us to link to their online action alert here.

We believe that decisions related to childhood vaccines should be up to parents, not government bureaucrats. And we believe that any legislation that makes it harder for parents to exercise their fundamental right as parents and choose to delay vaccines or exempt their children from vaccine mandates should be rejected. That is why we are opposing this amendment.

Thank you for standing with us to defend parental rights.


Will Estrada

President, ParentalRights.org