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Printable Resources

Thank you for helping us spread the word about parental rights!

Please feel free to print and distribute these as you need at events, churches, conferences, meetings, etc.

Note: We are in the process of updating our materials to match our new site design and colors. Please check back soon, as we plan to continue to add more resources as we update them.

Key Print Resources

Parental Rights: An Issue That Matters to Us All

Why We Need the Amendment

Coming to America

Parental Rights Quiz

CPS Cultural Bias

Sign Up Form

Resources in Spanish


Additional (More Technical) Resources

In the Aftermath of Troxel
A 15-page document by Michael Farris exploring the confused character of parental rights in the aftermath of Troxel.

Nutritional Information for families
Free articles on healthy holistic living that families can learn from.

Zogby Poll
A 2010 poll showing that 93% of all Americans from any political party believe in the traditional right of parents to make decisions on behalf of their children (except in cases of abuse or neglect).

Model State Legislation
Model language for a state bill protecting the rights of parents.

Model State Resolution Favoring the Parental Rights Amendment
Model language for a state resolution in support of the Parental Rights Amendment, in pdf format. For an easy-to-edit docx format, please click here.

Shareable Images

Please feel free to use these images on websites, blogs, social media, etc., to link to and let others know about parental rights. You can also find additional images on our Facebook page.

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