Urgent Action Needed Today in Florida

We, The Parents of Florida, are requesting that the Senate Majority Leadership prepare to assign priority placement on the Special Orders Calendar for CS/HB 1059, immediately after it passes favorably in the Florida House of Representatives.


Because Parental Rights are a priority for Florida Parents;

Because the Florida Legislature officially acknowledged the need for protecting Parental Rights, when it urged Congress to propose a Parental Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in House Memorial 557 (2011);

Because the Parents’ Bill of Rights has favorably passed through 5 of 6 collective House and Senate Committees this session;

Because the highly favored Senate Companion CS/SB 1634, was unable to receive a favorable vote during the final Senate [Rules] Committee, due only to the meeting adjournment which occurred during the debate phase of this bill;

Because Senator Passidomo should consider honorably Florida parents and families and protect parental rights;

Because it is the RIGHT thing to do!

Please reach out to Senator Passidomo to help prioritize HB 1059 for a senate vote.

      Senate Majority Leader
      Kathleen Passidomo
      Tallahassee Office: 850-487-5028
      District Office:  239-417-6205
      Email: passidomo.kathleen@flsenate.gov

Read and track HB 1059 here. For continued updates and action points, like and follow Parentalrights.org Florida.

Thank you for making time to participate in this Call to Action and seeing this through!