Coming January 26 to Vero Beach: An Evening with Parental Rights Florida

It’s one night only, and you’re invited!

Parental Rights Florida and the Parental Rights Foundation are hosting “An Evening with Parental Rights Florida” next Thursday, January 26, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the Kings Baptist Church, 3235 58th Avenue in Vero Beach.

Parental Rights Foundation president Will Estrada will be the keynote speaker for the event, which will highlight the state of parental rights in Florida, the state of parental rights nationwide, and how the path forward involves parents taking action!

There will also be a Q&A period to get your questions answered!

Will Estrada is an attorney with 14 years’ experience at the Home School Legal Defense Association and four years as a career federal servant at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in the Office for Civil Rights’ Conscience and Religious Freedom Division. These experiences combine to give him a unique and powerful perspective on the role of parents in protecting children, and the proper role of government in protecting parental rights.

Patti Sullivan, Florida State Coordinator for the Parental Rights Foundation and the driving force behind Parental Rights Florida, coordinated with then-Florida Representative Eric Grall (now a Florida senator) to champion Florida’s Parents’ Bill of Rights, which was passed in 2020 and signed into law by Gov. DeSantis.

Come meet both of these dynamic leaders and learn how you can plug into parental rights efforts to protect children in the Sunshine State!