Amendment Update: Congress Is Back!

Three weeks ago, we took our board members and volunteer state leaders into DC to educate members of Congress on the importance of protecting parental rights with the Parental Rights Amendment to the US Constitution, which US Representative Debbie Lesko (AZ-08) recently reintroduced as House Joint Resolution 38 (H.J. Res. 38).

Since then, Congress has been away on recess, but now they have returned to DC!

And that means it’s time to call or email your US Representative and urge him or her to sign on as a cosponsor of the Parental Rights Amendment.

Hopefully, many of those we visited have already decided to sign on; they just need a timely reminder to do so, now that their recess is behind them.

Still other lawmakers need to be persuaded—and your contact could be just the ticket.

You can find your lawmaker’s contact information at or by calling the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121.

Your message to Congress should be in your own words, but it can be as simple as the following:

I am a constituent, and I’m calling to urge my congressman/congresswoman to cosponsor H.J. Res. 38, the Parental Rights Amendment. The primary role of parents in the upbringing of their children must be protected from the erosion of increasing government overreach. This Amendment will enshrine in the Constitution the very standard of parental rights protection that the Supreme Court has held for the last century, so that these rights will be secured for the next century and beyond. To sign on, simply reach out to Annie Clark in Debbie Lesko’s office. Thank you.

The Parental Rights Amendment, which would provide that “the liberty of parents to direct the upbringing, education, and care of their children is a fundamental right” and that this right is to be protected in the courts by strict judicial scrutiny, was introduced in the US House of Representatives in March. Adding to the seven cosponsors the resolution has now will increase the chances of securing a House subcommittee hearing, which will advance the discussion of these rights, raise the Amendment’s profile in Congress, and help us to get additional support.

You can read more about the Amendment at

Once you’ve called or emailed, please share this email with friends and family who might also make a call. Together we can amplify our voice in support of the vital parent-child relationship upon which our society is built.

Thank you for standing with us to protect children by empowering parents through the Parental Rights Amendment!