Parental Rights Heating up on Capitol Hill

Coalition Partners

Picture: President Jim Mason and Gov’t Relations Director Will Estrada on Capitol Hill with Diane Redleaf of The Family Defense Center and Suzanne Sellers of Families Organizing for Child Welfare Justice, part of a 12-member coalition for parental rights President Jim Mason met with Senator Lindsey Graham’s staff last Tuesday to lay the…

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How Do We Unite Congress?


Between health care bills, Neil Gorsuch, and the Russian election investigation, one thing is painfully clear: Congress is as divided now as it has ever been. Democrats and Republicans, seemingly never quick to collaborate, are having even more trouble than usual finding common ground. So how can we bring them together? To pass an amendment…

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Parental Rights, Neil Gorsuch, and International Law

Video Neil Gorsuch

[Video at] Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch last week fielded a question from Senator Ben Sasse (R- Nebraska) regarding the application of international law in judicial interpretation. In years past, this question has been a vital part of the discussion of parental rights, due to concerns that international treaties and precedents might provide a…

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Time to Get the Word Out (New Video)

Two weeks ago we launched a new video to promote parental rights and the Parental Rights Amendment. It shares the key things people need to know about this issue in just a minute and a half! We’re excited about the potential this video has. But we need your help in getting the word out. Please…

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Protecting Parents in the Northeast's Michael Ramey meets with Maine Representatives

Picture:’s Michael Ramey meets with Maine Reps. Espling (right) and Sampson [Sent 3/21/17] Last week I was privileged to attend the Homeschoolers of Maine conference in Rockport. While there, I was able not only to share the important work of with hundreds of concerned home educators, but also to meet with Maine lawmakers…

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Drama (and Victory) in the Wyoming Senate


We were steps from the finish line, yet it suddenly appeared victory would be snatched from our grasp. The fate of House Bill 153 on Parental Rights in the Wyoming Senate came down to the last minute, and tested our ability – your ability – to respond quickly. The drama began Thursday, February 23, when…

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Action Needed in Oklahoma

Dear Champion of Parental Rights in Oklahoma: I want to alert you to a profound and dangerous threat to your right to protect the health of your children, a threat we need to deal with immediately. Senate Bill 83 authored by Senator Yen seeks to modify the traditional right of parents to make their own…

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Texas, We Have a Problem

The editorial board of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram ran a blistering commentary on Tuesday (Feb. 21) about the state’s damaged Child Protective Services (CPS) agency and the rise of child sex trafficking. “The child welfare system is in desperate need of reform,” the board wrote, paired with this tragic statement: “No child should ever be…

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Special Report: The State of Parental Rights in America, 2017

Child and Parent

The Supreme Court once declared, “This primary role of parents in the upbringing of their children is now established beyond debate as an enduring American tradition.” Wisconsin v. Yoder, 406 U.S. 205 (1972) at 232. So, how are we doing with that “enduring American tradition” today? Unfortunately, not so well. Even with advances in some…

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Quick Update: Meeting with Friends Old and New

On Tuesday, Feb. 14, President Jim Mason and Will Estrada visited the office of Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) to discuss the Parental Rights Amendment. Franks, who has long supported our effort (he was the lead sponsor of the Amendment, HJRes. 110, in 2012), is a member of the Constitution Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee.…

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